Why the spirit can not go through the materials?
The man who experieced near-death says. His heart stopped. He left his body. He flyed in the air. He went through the wall and the ceiling. Also, the midium explains that the spirit enters into her body. In Buddhism reincarnation, the spirit of heaven enters the human's body. These are the theories that spirit can go through the object.

The ghost stands on the earth and walks. Therefore, ghosts do not sink below the ground or the floor. Many people say that a spirit touch them. Then, the spirit does not go through the human body.

Does the spirit go through the object, or not ? Either is wrong. I will make it clear this time.

A strange situation arises if a spirit goes through objects. On last mail, I explained that ghosts will not fly. However, since the proof is not perfect, I assume in two cases. The spirits fly or not .

Case 1, A spirit fly in the sky
If a spirit goes through an object, it does not hit or grab any object on the earth. There is nothing to hold him to earth. It will be blown to outer space immediately by the centrifugal force of the Earth. Therefor no spirit is on the earth.

However, ghosts are witnessed in the house or on the ground. The spirit strikes the ceiling and walls, and It can not go out the room. Or the spirit can grab something. It is considered that the spirit can not go through the object.

Case 2, A spirit can not fly
A spirit is caught by gravity. It will not be thrown out into space. If it goes through all objects, it will not hit the ground, the soil and magma. The spirit falls to the center of the earth by gravity without being hindered. Dark spirits gather there. Hell is there. The spirit can not appear on the ground.

However, ghosts are on the ground. Therefore, the spirit can not go through objects, especially the ground, stones, sand, and soil. Of course, a human body, a door and a wall. It is thought that the spirit can not go through the object.

From the scientific view, spirits can not go through objects. For example, the wall, human body, the ground and a wall.

In Christianity, evil spirits can not escape from hell. If it goes through everything, it will escape from hell. Christianity, through hell, teaches people that spirits can not go through objects.

Of course, the spirit can not get inside the human body. It is wrong that a spirit enters into the human body in Buddhism incarnation. The exorcist say "evil spirit, go out of thy body" for the patient.But nothing will happened. When the medium call a spirit, she must open the door. These are truth.

See you.