Part.2 Why the spirit can not go through materials?
I explained it last time. If the spirit goes through all objects, it will not hit anything, so it will be thrown into space by centrifugal force or fall to the center of the earth by gravity. Then the spirit can not stay on the ground. But the ghost is on the ground. Therefore, the spirit can not go through the object.

This time, I will prove the another. The spirit is not nude. It is wearing clothes. From this fact, it seemes that the spirit can not go through the object.

If a human spirit goes through the spiritual clothes, spiritual clothes will fall on the ground without touching the human spirit. A human spirit can not put on spiritual clothes. The spirit becomes nude. But most of the spirit witnessed is not naked. A human spirit is wearing clothes. Therefore, the human spirit can not go through its spiritual clothes.

At the time of death, the spirit separates from its body. The spirit was in the body. The spirit is wearing clothes. Because its spiritual clothes separated from its clothes same time. Therefore, the sprits of objects(clothes) is in its objects(clothes). Objects are clothes, shoes, a watch, sox, necklace and so on. It is not difficult.

From here, I tell syllogism. 1, Human spirits do not go through objects of spirits. 2, The spiritual objects is in the objects. 3, Human spirits can not go through objects. (Because, when a human spirit go through another object, it hits the spiritual object inside the object.)

This is proof. It is not difficult logic. In this case, the objects are a door, a floor, windows and the ground. The spirit can not go through them.

The reincarnation of Buddhism is incorrect. The human body has the spirit of the new person himself. There is no space where the spirit of heaven enters in it. There is no reincarnation in Christianity. That is correct.

If you are scared of being attacked by a ghost, you should close your door. The ghost can not enter the room. When a ghost is not already in your house, you are comfortable there.

See you.