Part 3 Why the spirit can not go through the material?

Last time I explained the reason for this. Because human spirit wears clothes, human spirit does not go through spiritual material. The spirit with clothes separated from the body and clothes. Spiritual things were in the material. Therefore, the human spirit does not go through the material (spirits hit the spiritual material inside). In this time, I will explain it from another viewpoint .

What if the spirit go through the material. The spirit does not interfere with any material in our world. Man can not touch the spirit. The spirit does not touch man. It does not interfere with each other.

Sunlight goes through the spirit. Human does not watch the spirit. The spirit does not feel the light of our world. The spirit does not see our world. The gravity does not work on the spirit. The spirit can not stay on the earth. The spirit is thrown into outer space.

However, ghosts are on the ground or in the room. Therefore, the assumption that a spirit go through objects is wrong.

Surely, this explanation is somewhat different from reality. Because a living person has a soul in it. Let's fix so that.

All human has his spirit in his body. Since the spirit wears clothes, there should be spiritual clothes, shoes, and belts. The spiritual things are in all the material of our world. For example, ground, the earth, photons, and the sun.

Spirits can see and touch spiritual things. In the spiritual world, spiritual light reaches from the spiritual sun. The spirit can see the human spirit that is in the alive person. The spirit can touch the (trees, animals, the ground ) of spirit. There is also the spirit earth.

Human spirit does not fly. Because there is the gravity on the Earth of the spirit. Human spirit does not fall from the spiritual ground. Moreover, the spirit can not go through the spirit of trees and the wall. The spirit lives in the same place as the human.

Even assuming that the spirit goes through our material, the spirit is on the earth. This is the same as a ghost which is on the ground. Therefore, This idea seems to be correct. However, in this case the spirit can not go through the most material. The spirit only go through the dead body. The spirit does not see it. Because there is no spirit in it. And spirit go out from his dead body.

This conclusion is strange. The spirit that go through materials can not do most materials. Is this correct? I will explain it next email.

In Japanese Buddhism, when man dies, he will cross the Sanzu River of the other world. That is wrong. The spirit does not move far ina moment. It has to walk. At the moment of death, the spirit does not acquire the ability to move newly. Because people and spirits are the same brain, they can only have the same talent.

See you.