Part 4 Why the spirit can not go through the most material?

Can the spirit go through all the material or not?

I have ever explained by my mail that the spirit can not go through materials. It is the trilogy. 1, The spirits touch each other. Otherwise, the spirits of men and women can not be fun each other. 2, The spirit is in the live body. 3, Thus, the spirit can not go through the body of others (it strikes the spirit inside of the body).

The spirit is not nude. Spirits wear clothes. When a person dies, the spirit wearing the spirit of clothes separate from body wearing clothes. Until then, the clothes of the spirit were in the clothes. The spirit in material can not be easily separated from the material except death.

If the spirit can not go through all materials, all the spirits can not be on earth.

Suppose that the spirit can not go through materials. Materials do not go through the spirit. The spirit can not exist in the same space as air. The ground is full of air. There is no space for spirits on earth.

This spirit can be only in a vacuum space on the ground. A mysterious human-shaped vacuum occurs at the place of the spirit. However, human has never found such thing. The sprit does not exist on the earth.

But ghosts are seen on the ground. It is a mistake that the spirit does not go through all materials. I think that the spirit goes through the air. That is one of an exception.

Well, some mediums insist that the bad spirit gets smaller and attach to the body, or the it go into human body. But that is impossible. Spirits can not enter living humans. The spirit is human size, so it can not get smaller. Let's not be deceived.

See you.