Part 5 Why the spirit can not go through the most material?

What materials does the spirit go through other than air?

On last mail, I explained that the spirit goes through the air exceptionally. When a spirit does not go through the air, it can not overlap with the air. The air fills on the ground. The spirit has no place on earth. But ghosts are seen there. From there, we can guess that the spirit goes through the air.

Series - Why spirits do not go through materials?

Air dust, viruses, water droplets float in the air. If the spirit does not go through these tiny materials, the spirit will be full of tiny holes. It can not be alive. But the ghost is alive. From there, it goes through those tiny things.

Why the spirit goes through very small materials?
A man has his spirit in he. The material of the spirit is in the material. The air of spirit is in air. The wind does not bend by the spirit. When air hits the spirit, only the air of spirit separates from the air . And the spirit of the air bend by the spirit. So the air will seem to go through the spirit. Another material such as air dust and water droplets would be the same.

Water is same as the air. It can be split into smaller pieces. I think that spirits go through those things. Spirits go through water.

People do not separate their spirits until they die. However, air, micro dust, and water droplets will easily separate these spirit materials in it when it hits the spirit. The bond between material and spiri(Material-Spirit bond) is not so strong.

Spirits go through air (gas), micro solids, and liquids. But the spirit can not go through the big material.

This is a good news. Until now it has been thought that spirits can not be separated from most materials. If so, the spirit can not breathe air, and there is no drinking water. The spirit eats only the animal's spirit. But the air separates the spirit air. The spirit can breathe. Water of spirit separates from water. The spirit can drink water easily. The spirit is not troubled with drinks and air after death.

In Buddhist hell, there is no food and drink, and the spirits are hungry and thirsty. But that is wrong. Water is readily available. The spirit does not thirst. The spirit is not troubled with food. The spirit can take out the spirit of wheat flour from it.

The medium who say that provide something other than water or soup to the spirit do not know the real spirit.