Part 6 Why spirits do not teleport?

On last mail, I explained that the spirit goes through air dust, water exceptionally. If not so, when the wind blows, many tiny holes open the spirit body. Also, without going through the liquid, the most spirit die on rainy and foggy days. But ghosts alive on the earth. The spirit can go through them.

Series - Why spirits do not go through materials?

Well, someone still claims that the spirit goes through the wall. The spirit moves momentarily far (teleport) and goes through the wall. Is that true?

The reason why the spirit does teleport in the near-death experience. A few people dreams when his heart stops on a bed. In his dream, he fly in the air. He goes through the wall. He teleport to the desired place. Then, some people think that spirit can teleport.

I deny that opinion. There are five reasons why the spirit can not teleport.

1, I ever explained those. The spirit does not fly in the sky and does not go through the wall. But in a near death experience, some one does these. The near death-experience is not the experience of spirit . It is just a thing in a dream. His body does not move out of bed. Even if the spirit can do these in a dream, it will not teleport in reality.

2, At the time of the near-death experience, someone's heart stopped. But because he dream, his brain is alive. It is not after-death. Therefore, the near-death experience is not a experience of spirits. The spirit can not teleport as the near-death dream.

3, The spirit is separated from the human body. The ability of the spirit is the same as that of human. The spirit has no ability that human do not possess. People can not teleport. Therefore, the spirit can not do it either.

4, When a psychic meditates or uses his clairvoyance, he does teleport his consciousness to his favorite place and sees something. But he can not teleport. The spirits can also move their consciousness far by meditation or clairvoyance. But spirits can not teleport same as a psychic.

5, There are no living thing to teleport on the earth. The spirit is one of the living thing. The spirit can not teleport.

A near-death experience is same as the mysterious meditation or clairvoyance(Astral experience). It is not an experience of spirits . The spirit can not teleport. Then it can not go throught a wall. The spirit, as human beings, can only move by walking. Even if, in the future, teleportation will be possible in science.

Well, the medium calls. A spirit appears instantly. It is on her. And she speaks the voice of the spirit. However, the spirit can not teleport. It can not enter the human body. The entity she called is not a spirit. What does she communicate with?

In Buddhism, people die and teleport to Sanzu river. But that is an error. The spirit will lie beside the its human body without disappearing anywhere.