If spirits exist? When a person dies, his spirit leaves the body. His spirit is alive. It is the same form and mind as he. If that is true, what can we know about the spirit world? This is the new Physicalism.

Last time, I explained that the spirit does not teleport. Because all creatures can not teleport. The spirit is one of a creature. The spirit can not teleport.

"Series 1-6 Why spirits do not go through materials? "

This time, I explain that the spirit separates only once in a lifetime, at the time of death. Some people insist. "The spirit separates during meditation. The spirit goes out of the body in a dream or during the near-death experience." However, because the person does not dead, the spirit does not go out of his body. There are five reasons.

1, When the spirit separates from the body, the spirit and body can never be combined again.
The spirit and the human being have the same character, so the contents of both brain are completely same. However, as time passes after separation, they will not be the same size. If the spirit and the person are 1mm different in size, the nerves and cells do not overlap exactly. Both not completely same size can not be rejoined. Therefore, the spirit is separated only once in a lifetime. Even if the body revives, the spirit does not return.

2, Spirits do not separate while clairvoyance, meditation and near-death experiences.
The consciousness goes out of the body while clairvoyance, meditation and near-death experiences. It can go through human, walls and windows.

But the spirit can not go through them. The spirit wears clothes. The spirit of clothes is on the human spirit. The spirit hits materials of spirits. Spirits are in the people. Then all spirit can not go through people. Because, the spirit hits spirits which is in people.

That consciousness goes through people. Therefore, the consciousness is not a spirit. Spirits do not separate while those.

3, The near-death experience, the dream of rising in the vortex of light
During meditation, many people experience the rising of the light vortex. There are people who do it in the near-death experience. The person who meditates is alive. It is not an experience of the spirit coming out of the body.

4, In a dream, the spirit does not leave the body
For the first time I saw the scene, I often felt that I came here many times. I have dreamed of them. I also feel dejab in some scenes of dramas and movies. I remember that I dreamed of it too. Siegmund Freud thinks that the dream is a reason for dejab. I go into the future of I and others in my dream.

The spirit can not go into people. So dream is not the experience of the spirit . In addition, the near death experience is also a dream.

5, The spirit is same as his whole human personality
The spirit takes over the whole personality of a person. If the spirit separates from the body before die, the spirit has no whole memory of life. Thus, the spirit will not separate until death.

The spirit can not separate temporarily in the near-death experience, meditation, clairvoyance and dream. The spirit can not return into the body. The spirit did not go out of the alive body. The spirit leaves the body probably only at the time of death.

Christianity teaches that when a human dies, he becomes a spirit. It is not normal to become a spirit while alive.

The psychic threatens. " I take your soul out of your body." If that could be done, the Chinese leaders who oppressed religion would have already been a materialism body without a soul. But the psychic can not it.