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Part 11 Society of Heaven

In Christianity, heaven is in the sky and is a society dominated by God. In heaven many many human spirits is there. I think it based on the latest social theory.

God is the ultimate spirit. The social system must be best in Heaven. No inferior system is there. From there, I drew it.

Not a primitive communist system.
The primitive village is ruled by him when a strong man appears. Societies with an early concept of ownership are inferior. Heaven is the ultimate, not a primitive and inferior society. Heaven is not a (communal) hell.

Not centralized
Socialism & dictatorship are established by depriving citizens of freedom. God will not be the ultimate dictator. Heaven is not a socialistic system. In heaven, God does not decide everything, including production and distribution. The spirits will have the freedom to do it.

Centralized organizations fail to manage many people. So decentralization proceeds. Decentralization gives individuals freedom. Heaven will be decentralized, not God's dictatorship.

Ethnic self-determination
It is a society where there is a leader for each ethnic group. In this principle, the human god was once a human. But, Yahweh appeared in Abraham in the early days of human civilization. Before that, there are primitive people. Those with low intelligence will not be gods in heaven. Therefore, God is not ever human. Someday God will replace the spirit of the human.

Humanity is a race. I don't think that there is a god for every ethnic group. Ethnic groups and nations are united. Beyond that is the unified society of mankind. One god for humanity.

Governor takes turns
If one person reigns for a long time, society will lean. A governor must changes regularly. As the two-party system and the president of the state, if the government changes in a few years, the culture and civilization will get confusing. So the same spirit will do for a long time. But the top changes someday. God also changes in future.

Not a bureaucracy
Bureaucracy is a society with experts. There will be experts in heaven. But it will not be as rigid as a bureaucracy. The spirit will not get God's permission in all cases. It is socialism. There is no freedom.

Regionalism is the organization and representation of each region. The spirit world is not the one organization in the entire universe. There should be a representative and a organization in each region, such as the galaxy, solar system, and planets. Yahweh is the regional representative of our earth or around there.

Heaven is in every solar system
The smallest unit of heavenly society is probably a solar system. In the future people will terraform Venus and Mars. People own them. Mankind dominates the solar system. Then, Yahweh who rules the human race is the god of the solar system.

Advanced society is individualism. Heaven will also be so. Individuals should be able to freely decide and act on their own activities.

Heaven is not democracy
God will not be chosen by majority vote of spirits. The majority vote often becomes a popular vote, and there are many problems with the personnel system. There will be no separation of powers in heaven. There are no three God.

Heaven is liberal. It is not socialism. Yahweh will be the God of the solar system. In the future one of a spirit of mankind will do the job of God.

Christians believe that God and Jesus are protecting each one. But God is not a dictator. God does not directly manage all believers. Many spirits under God do it. Therefore, those who say that God and Jesus have appeared to me are obsessed. Unless she is a prophet.