What is the Jewish Christian god? In science, God does not transcend everything. If God transcend the physical world, God will not exist.
Series 1-11 Why spirits do not go through materials?
 Creation god
God created the sky and the earth, animals and people. Some people believe that God has created the universe from here. For ancient people, the world is only the earth and the sky. The ancient “narrow universe” cannot be regarded as the modern vast universe. There is currently no science that can explain the creation god.
Has God made creatures? Life has evolved. Mother bakes cakes. At that time, God did not make cakes. God led the mother. God manages nature in a way that is not observed in current science.
 God is a Spirit, John 4:24
A spirit is a material that separates from the body when a person dies. The spirit is a kind of material. Sometime spiritual material will break. God has a body that breaks. God lives so as not to break it. God lives forever.
 God created human that resembled itself, Genesis
God is a creature and a mammal because it looks like a person. And giant creatures like dinosaurs do not develop intelligence. God's height will be 120-220cm and weight will be 40-150kg. And God has limbs, torso and head.

God is not a planet. The human spirit takes the form of a human. Planet spirits are the shape of a planet. It does not resemble a human figure. For the same reason, God is neither a galaxy nor a universe.
Every organism has a gene. God has it too. God will not have inferior genes. It has genes that do not age and are unlikely to become cancerous. Its genes should be much better than modern humans.
Because God resembles a person, the energy that God's body can produce is probably less than a few horsepower. Therefore, God cannot create a huge universe. And when God rules mankind, he will use heavenly machines.
All higher intelligence is the most prosperous species on any planet. Whether it is a spirit. God is one of them. There are more than hundreds of millions of species that are the same as God.
Ability person is normally distributed. No one has a high level of ability alone. There should be many people with similar abilities around. Probably God is the top. There will be many spirits with similar abilities around God. God lives in such a society.
From a scientific view, God resembles a person and lives with a height of 130-220cm.He is not creating a universe. Its home is in the heaven of the star. He is not necessarily in heaven on earth all year round.
 God is a spirit of one creature with a head and a torso. There is only one personality in the creature's head. Therefore, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have separate bodies. God and Jesus are different spirits. Trinity does not mean a single spirit.