Here the evidence for the spirit is that the spirit was witnessed. Is it really proof that the spirit is in the physical world?
So far I have provided a lot of views on the spirit. Their main premise is that the spirit can be seen. I have derived a lot from that.
There are three things in philosophy. 1, Exist in the physical world. 2, exists as a concept. 3. Exists like theorems and laws of mathematics and physics. Which is the spirit?
Does the spirit exist as a concept?
There is the word “spirit”. The concept of spirit exists. But Doraemon, the main character of the fictional story, is not in the real world. The cat is actually. Whether a concept exists in the physical world is uncertain. The existence of the concept is not important here.
Does the spirit exist like a law?
Mathematics exists according to certain rules. Mathematics is logical. But the spirit is not that. There are physical laws in the physical world. But the rule is mostly movement. The spirit is an object, not a movement. The spirit does not exist as a law.
Does the Spirit Exist in the Physical World?
The spirit exists as a material. Few people see the spirit. People are in the physical world. The human perceives only physical things. Then the spirit exists in this physical world.
There is a response to this. It is an illusion, a mistake, a hallucination. I won't explain that this time, as it will take longer to write.
There are many spirit witnesses. Denying the existence of witnessed spirits is impossible with current science. Therefore, a spirit exists. However, spirits are not officially recognized because they cannot show the scientific evidence that they are.
Human sensory organs sense only physical effects. The spirit can be seen. Thus, the spirit exists in the physical world.
How to discover spirits in science
Everything that is visible reflects light. One sees the reflected light. The spirit can be seen. The spirit reflects a certain light. Light is a type of electromagnetic wave. The spirit reflects electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. By emitting radio waves to the spirit and examining the reflected waves, you should be able to discover the spirit.
Put small animals in a narrow gauge. Kill small animals. Wait about an hour for the spirit to completely separate from the body. Spirits do not pass through walls. Close the exit so that the spirit does not escape. Do not be starved.
Then, radio waves of all frequencies are emitted into the gauge. Measure the reflected wave. The spirit of the small animal moves. If there is a spirit, the reflected wave at a certain frequency fluctuates slightly. It is a radio wave reflected by the spirit. When it is found, you can assume that the spirit exists.