When witnessing a spirit is true, the spirit physically exists. Those who do not recognize the existence of the spirit deny that they really see the spirit. Atheists consider it an illusion, hallucination, mistake, or lie. Are their claims correct?
Last time, I explained the "illusion". The spirit that the psychic sees is not an illusion. This time, I will examine the hallucinations.
You saw the something which is the image created by your brain. The psychic sees the spirit. If it is a hallucination, those who deny God or the spirit claim that the spirit does not exist. If it is not a hallucination, spirits exist.
How to check for hallucinations
Hallucinations can be seen wherever you turn. A psychic sees a spirit. Does he see it, even if his view is obstructed? Examine it. When a psychic sees it, it is a hallucination. When he does not see it, it is not a hallucination. According to my research, more than 80% of psychics in Japan, UK and USA see hallucinations. Less than 10% of psychics see the spirit. Some spirits are not hallucinations. The spirit exists.
Objection to hallucinations
When a psychic sees a hallucination, a spirit is not in front of him. However, it cannot be said that the psychic does not see the spirit. Hallucinations are images in the brain. It's like watching TV in his head. In television news, real whales and picture whales appear. Just because it is a hallucination, one cannot determine whether it is fake or genuine. Because of the hallucination, it cannot be denied that there is spirit. The only thing we can claim from it is that there is no spirit there.
Even if it is a hallucination, it can be evidence that a psychic sees the spirit. For example, if hallucinations come from his memory, he has seen the spirit in the past. Without examining the hallucinating spirit itself, no truth can be said. I'll show you how to do that later.
The psychic sees the spirit. The hallucinations will be 80-90%. But less than 10%, it would be true spirits. Some psychics watch non-hallucinating spirits. Spirits exist.
Whether the psychic sees hallucinations or real spirits. The experiment to examine it
1, Ask a psychic to see a spirit.Ask him not to use his clairvoyance. The clairvoyance is to see what is not in the field of view. It is to see distant. It is hallucinations.
2, When he sees it, the your body blocks his view. Ask him if he can see the spirit in that state.
3, Ask him. Wherever he looks around, a spirit is in the same position in his sight?
4, You judge his answer. In question 2, the psychic saw the spirit. He looked at the hallucinating spirit. The psychic did not see the spirit. He saw the real spirit.
5, In question 3, he always sees the spirit at the same position in his field of view. It is a hallucination.
A psychic who sees hallucinations will argue: "I only see the spirit. The human body is transparent." You answer. "I am not dead, my spirit is in the body. What you see is my spirit. You do not look through my body."