When witnessing a spirit is true, the spirit physically exists. Atheists who do not recognize the existence of the spirit deny it. They consider it an illusion, hallucination, mistake, or lie. Are their claims correct?
Last time, I explained the "hallucinations". What do you think of a hallucinating spirit?
Hallucinating spirit
Hallucinations are seeing things that are not in front of you. A clairvoyance is a hallucination because it can be seen even when the eyes are closed. It is an image in the brain. When a spirit is a hallucination, it is not there. So it is not the evidence that a spirit exists.
But it is wrong to decide that all brain images are unreal. One may have relived the past with hallucinations. It's a hallucination, but he may have seen something real. Therefore, it cannot be said that there is no spirit.
Does the spirit exist or not?
Actually, there is a method to examine the truth of the spirit that the psychic sees.
Japanese underground has great radio technology. A researcher emit radio waves to something. He measures the frequency of the reflected radio waves. He gets what it is. Some parts of your brain recognize what you see and imagine. When he emits radio waves there, he gets the frequency of what your brain imagined.
He finds the frequency of spirits. He put the small animal in a closed case and waits for it to die. The spirit of the small animal moves in the case. He emits radio waves into the case and finds fluctuating frequencies. That is the frequency of the spirit.
When the psychic sees the spirit, researchers measures the psychic's brain image. He checks if it is a spirit frequency. When it is so, the psychic saw the spirit. If not, psychic did not see it. Your Japanese friends will know the details. Ask them.
In Japanese, UK, and USA psychics will rarely see real spirits in public demonstrations. They talk with the spirit without words. As soon as a person dies and becomes a spirit, it can not understand the thoughts of others. The psychics see the fake spirit.
The psychic sees the spirit. You can judge its truth by the radio equipment that your Japanese friend has. Most psychics watch fake spirits in public demonstrations. But, in daily life, sometimes they will see a real spirit.