In many religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism, when a person dies, he becomes a spirit and goes to heaven. Does heaven physically exist?
Mankind has searched for heaven above ground, underground, in the sky, and in space. But they still haven't found it. There is no heaven in science. But in the great religion, a man goes to heaven after death. The psychics and buddhist monks see heaven. Heaven exists in religion. Does heaven exist or not?
Scientists cannot find heaven. But some people watch it. 1, The psychic sees spirits of heaven. 2, The near-death experienced person goes to heaven and returns. 3, The buddhist monk sees Buddhas (spirits) of heaven in meditation. By examining these, you may find heaven.
Find out what people imagine
Radio technology has developed in the Japanese underground. A researcher can scientifically identify what they imagine. There is a part of the brain that recognize images. He emits radio waves there and detects the reflected radio waves. So he gets the frequency of what people imagined from it. Then he knows what people imagine. Ask your Japanese friends for details.
Research their heaven
Find out what their brain recognize when psychics, near-death-experiencers, and monks imagine their heaven they saw. It is either a drawing or a photo(live action video). The frequencies of both are clearly different. Research these.
If their heaven is a drawing. The world in it is not present. The heaven and spirit they saw are fake. Those do not exist in the physical world.
If the heaven they saw is like a photo. The places they saw exist somewhere. When it is a sight on the ground, it is not heaven. Because there is no heaven on earth. If it is not on the ground, it could be heaven.
My guess is that 90% of psychics, near-experiencers and monks see drawings of heaven. Their heaven and spirits are fake. A few monks see the true heaven like a photo.
Search Heaven
In the latter case, search heaven. Look for places with the same frequency of heaven around the earth and near universe. If it is not on earth, heaven is there. I think heaven is in the sky.
Human race have seen heaven since ancient times. These are drawings or like photos. If it looks like a photo, that heaven may exist. Get the heavenly frequency from there. You look for Find the same frequency location around earth. Then you can discover heaven. Heaven exists.