There are many messages from the spirits of heaven in bookstores. For many Christians and atheists it is unacceptable. Are they really from heaven?
Human has not discovered the spirits living in heaven. Such a message does not exist in science. But the psychics write messages from heaven. For believers, they exist. Do the words from heaven exist or not?
Last time I revealed. The psychics see false heavens and spirits in the drawings. The meditator sees a real spirit somewhere. From this you can judge the truth.
Meditation to see Buddha -
Examine the author of a book
The radio technology has developed in Japanese underground society. Scientists can identify the author of any text. He emits radio waves to it and detects the reflected radio waves. He gets the author's frequency from it. Ask your Japanese friend for the details.

You prepare a document with the message from Heaven. You emit radio wave to it and recieve the reflected wave. You research the frequency. They are three types. A, Person, B, Heavenly drawing, C, Heaven of meditation.

A, Person
The frequency is similar to the text written by a person. The message of heaven is the creation of people. It is someone's work. You can reveal the author.

B, Heavenly drawing
The frequency is the same as the painting of heaven seen by psychics. The world of the drawing does not really exist. It is not from heaven. That is the word of those who are not in heaven. The alien contactee often communicates with the heavenly spirit.

C, Heaven of meditation
10% of meditators see real spirits. Buddhism says that spirit is in heaven. But it is not easy to verify. The frequency is the same as this. It is possibility that it came from heaven.

I guess those. 10% of spiritual words are written by people. 80-90% of it is the drawing of phychic. These are fake. Less than 1% is from the heaven of meditation. 
Psychics have written the word of heaven since ancient times. From the frequency, you can judge the truth. Psychics can not write words from heaven, except the prophet.

 I introduced the method developed by Japanese materialists. It scientifically verifies religion. They try to expose fake spiritual words. Then no one will believe in the false medium. They will hunt witches. I expose their plans. Don not cause the tragedy like Salem again.