People sleep and dream. The dream world is real. Some scholars insist it is a hallucination created by a brain. Even in psychology, it is not clear.
I think that most dreams are the future world. I often see the scenery where I saw in my dream. Siegmund Floyd had the same theory. This time, I find out the truth of the dream.
There are two types of dreams. The first is a hallucination, and the second is a scenery outside a body.
While sleeping, some people experience hallucinations such as black and white drawings and mandala patterns. Many people experience outside their body in dream. A few people get out of the body in his dream of a near-death experience.
Dream research method - Prepare a person, radio equipment.
1, A person remember dreams.
2, The researcher emits radio waves to his brain part that recognizes his image at that timing. The researcher detects the frequency of reflected radio waves.
3, The researcher examines it. Then his dream becomes clear.
Radio technology has developed in Japanese underground society. The researcher emits radio waves to the target and examines the frequency of the reflected radio waves. Then he knows what the target is. For more information, ask your Japanese friend.
There are four types of dreams. It matches the following frequencies.
1, hallucination
2, Scenery on the earth - Lands and objects on the earth
3, Not on the earth - It's a landscape, but it doesn't match the frequencies of the earth. It is outside the earth. It is the spirit world or a different planet.
4, Painting - It is a drawing. Psychics watch it
This research will reveal a dream world. There are many types of dreams. It is important to collect a lot of data. This is my hypothesis. Most dreams are scenes of the future earth. There are rarely hallucinations and paintings.
Dreams are almost future experiences. The world of dreams exists in the physical world. A few dreams are hallucinations. Most dream worlds are not fictional worlds created by brains. The dream worlds exist.
Most dreams are future experiences. There is no need to decipher the symbols. That is a prediction as it is. It is a future event, so even if you analyze your dreams, you will not know your current mind. The dream analysis is useless.