People sleep and dream. The dream world exists. Is it future or past? This time I will settle this argument.
In neurophysiology, dreams are made from memories. In the PTSD description, a dream is a traumatic experience. In these psychology, people dream of their past. The first place I came to was the place I once dreamed of. That is Dejabu. Many people have known the future from dreams since ancient times. People dream of their future. Is a dream future or past?
Find out the time of the dream world
Radio technology has developed in Japanese underground society. Now scientists can reveal the time of the image world. He emits radio waves on the image and detects the reflected waves. He gets the frequency of time from it. He examines it. Ask your Japanese friend for details. To find out the time of the scene that a person sees, a scientist researches the part of the brain that recognizes the image.
Prepare a dreamer, Radio wave device
1, A dreamer remembers his dream.
2, A researcher examines the scene at that time.
3, A researcher finds out the time of the scene.
The dream world is either past or future.This is my guess. Over 95% of dreams are future. People can remember their memories clearly. Dreaming about memory would be less than 1%.
Most dreams are future, not past. The world of dreams exists in the future. From here dreams are not made from memory. The description of a psychology dream is wrong.
Some claim that they dreamed of a previous life. People dream of the future. That is a mistake. There is no reincarnation cycle.