People sleep and dream. A dream world is real. It is almost future. Ones dream was his or another person future.
Who did dream of you?
You dream of the future of you or strangers. Someone in the past dreams of you now. Who is it?
How to reveal a past people who dream of you
Radio technology develop in Japanese underground. First, get the frequency of a dream. You remember your dream self. At that time, emit radio waves to the part of your brain that recognizes the image, and the detect reflected radio waves.
Next, you emit radio waves to your body. Detect reflected radio waves. Separate the dream frequency from it. It contains the frequencies of the person who dreams of you. Identify that person. Ask your Japanese friend for details.
It is my guess. Who does dream of you? 10% is your past. 90% is past same-sex strangers.
Someone dreams of you now. It is your past or someone else.
Did I dream of Star Wars?
You can verify that someone dreamed of a TV drama or movie actor. I often dream of the Star Wars scene. Is it true? Let's research it.
I have dreamed of Luke Skywalker at 0:53 in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer. '(youtube). Get my frequency from my Flickr photo.What about the result?
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer (Official) -