You experience others in your dream world. You see there and understand the heat. You also hear the voices of others there. You taste and smell there. You feel the five senses of others in the dream world. You connect the person in your dream with your sensory nerves.
You are different from the person in the dream world.
You do not know what the people in the dream world thinks. You have your own thoughts in your dreams. You sometimes dream of a student. But you are an adult. You dream from an adult's point of view. You do not know thoughts of students. That would be quite different from the idea of a dream student. You think differently from the person in your dreams.
Can you move freely in the dream world?
You can not move freely in your dreams. When you were a kid, you dreamed of driving a car. You as a child coluld not driving. A dream person drove. You did not move freely.
You have never been hijacked by someone else. You dream into the body of a future person. There is a person in your body who dreams of past. He does not control you. You are not the one who moves the body of the dream person. You can not operate a person freely in your dreams. Your motor nerves do not connect with the person in your dreams.
You connect your dream person with your sensory nerves. But you do not connect motor nerves to him. You think differently from the person in your dreams.
You don not feel guilty when you do bad things in your dreams. Because it is done at the will of others in the dream. You just dream of it from inside someone else's body. But if the person in your drem is you, it is your own future misfortune. At that time let's hope that your future will change.