You dream of the world of the future. The self in the dream world is yourself or someone else. The past self or others dream of you now. So what is entering the dream world?
When you dream, your body lies on a bed. Your body does not exist in the dream world. But you watch your dream world. So what is in your dream world?
How to find out what goes to the dream world
The radio technology has developed in Japanese underground society. First, get the frequency of your dream body. Get it as described on the site below.
"Part24 Who did dream of you? Is it your past self or someone else? "
You dream of others. Similarly, there must be someone who dreams of you. It is in you. Which part of him is that?
Next, you emit radio waves to your body. Detect reflected radio waves. Separate the dream frequency from it. It contains the frequencies of the person who dreams of you. What part of his frequency is it? Is it his human body, his brain, or his eyes? This is the true character of something that enters the dream world.
This is my expectation. It's not just the head and eyes. Because the eyes and head alone do not move without blood flow. Therefore, it will be a human body. I consider this a dream body.
It is not your body that goes into the dream world. I expect to have a dream body. It goes to various futures. It connects with the body. So one sleeps and sees the future in ones dream.