I have talked about dreams so far. You dream of seeing the future of you or others. In that world, you cannot move freely on your will. This time, I argue that hallucinations are dreams.
When you take hallucinogens, you get hallucinations. In some hallucinations you are another person in an unknown place. You clearly remember the scene. Some people think this to be the past or the afterlife. I consider it as a lucid dream.
I research it. Compare the radio frequencies of a hallucination and a dream. You remember the hallucination. At that time, you emit radio waves to the brain part used for imagine. You detect the reflected frequency. You repeat it to get the common frequency. This is it. Then you remember your dream and do the same. This is the frequency of dreams.
When they matched, a hallucination is a dream. When not, it is something else. I think most hallucinations are dreams. Because dreams are kind of the hallucinations. A hallucination is to see it clearly.
A part of a hallucination is a lucid dream. Dreams are the experiences of yourself or others in the future. It is neither the afterlife nor the past life. It makes a noise that a psychic often saw the previous life. He just dreamed.